A full CPanel hosting setup for just a dollar a month?

What's the catch?

There is no catch, you get a small Web hosting setup with 20 MB of space (far more than most basic sites need) and 100 MB of bandwidth per month. It's that simple.

You get the real deal, full blown LAMP server like the rest of our packages with less space and bandwidth and minus a few other bells and whistles but far more than you need for a basic setup.

You get 20 MB of space, 100 MB of bandwidth and everything checked below. Not bad for a measley dollar a month!
This package is great for beginners or small Web sites.

If you don't know what the features listed below are , don't worry.
This is everything you need for a very basic start up.
If you want a more full featured package check out our Dream packages.

Ability to Trace an email address

Advanced Guestbook

Agora Shopping Cart

Analog Stats

Apache Handlers Manager

Autoresponder Manager

Awstats Stats

Backup Manager

Backup Wizard

Bandwidth Stats

BoxTrapper Spam Trap

CGI Center

CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage

CSV Import (Email & Forwarders)

Change Language

Change Style

Chat Rooms — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes

Choose Log Programs



Custom Error Pages

Default Address Manager

Directory Selection Popup

Disk Usage Viewer

Email Account Manager

Email Authentication

Email Filtering Manager

Email Scripts (cgiemail,formmail)

Entropy Banner

Entropy Search

Error Log

File Manager

Forwarder Manager


Ftp Account Manager

Ftp Settings

Getting Started Wizard

Hotlink Protection

IP Deny Manager

Image Manager

Index Manager

Install PHP Pear Modules

Install Perl Modules

Install Ruby Modules

Instant Installs

Interchange Shopping Cart — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes

Java Clock

Java Countdown

Latest Visitors

Leech Protect

Mime Types Manager


Network Tools


PHPBB2 — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes

Password Change




Random Html Generator

Raw Access Logs

Redirect Manager

Ruby on Rails

SSH Connection Window

SSL Host Installer

SSL Manager

Search Engine Submit Tool — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes

See PHP Configuration

Server Status Viewer

Simple Cgi Wrapper

Simple DNS Zone Editor

Simple Guestbook

Site Software


SpamAssassin Spam Box

Statistics Program Manager

Update Contact Information

Update Notification Preferences

Video Tutorials

Virus Scanner

Webalizer Stats



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