I dont know how to program
Don't worry. You don't need to know how to program to use CPanel. You may want to design your own Web pages, if so you can learn to write HTML. You can find free tutorials on the Internet explaining how to make Web pages. HTML is a scripting language that is used in making Web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The basics are not too complicated. Our staff will be happy to help you find more information if you like.

Do I get my own Nameservers?
Yes! If you order a reseller account you can have your own nameservers and your hosting company will be transparent. Your customers will not see our nameservers or know that you host through us.

What if I need help?
Most things are straight forward or covered by CPanel tutorials and short videos found easily on the Web. We are more than happy to help you get going. During the initial setup we will walk you through the basics. Afterward if you have any problems we will be available to address issues or help you.

Do you oversell your servers?
When server resources reach a specified level accounts are moved to other servers to balance the load. This assures that everyone has the allotted bandwidth and resources that they pay for.

Will I have my own CGI-BIN?
Absolutely! You have ROOT access to your own domain and full CGI-bin as well as MySQL, PERL, Python, Apache and a plethora of tools and packages that make this the optimal setup for beginner and pro alike.

Can I host adult material?
No! We do not offer adult hosting at this time. Adult material will get your IP blacklisted and that will cause problems for all of our customers.
Please see out Terms Of Service for a list of unacceptable uses.

Will I need a domain name?
Yes. They cost about $10.00 a year at the registrar of your choice. Presently we are not selling domain names but we can recommend a registrar to you.
You are responsible for obtaining and renewing your domain. You will need to point your nameservers to our server IP. This is very easy and the process is explained in the welcome E-mail you will receive when you sign up.

I Signed Up, What's Next?
A CPanel account requires no additional setup after you have signed up. You can login to your CPanel and start working right away but you will have to point your nameservers to our IP and there will be a delay before your domain is visible to the entire Internet. Once you have pointed the nameservers through your registrar it will take up to 48 hours to propagate. Until the domain has propagated you can access your CPanel via the IP provided in your welcome E-mail. Once the nameservers on the Internet have updated you can access your CPanel at

Do I need Nameservers?
If you are purchasing a CPanel account (Buckamonth, or Dream packages) you do not need custom nameservers. Custom nameservers are for reseller accounts.

How do I Make Nameservers?
(Reseller accounts only) In your registrar's control panel set your host IPs as directed in your welcome E-mail.

Where do I upload my pages?
Create a home page and name it index.html -NOTE - DO NOT name it Index.html, index.htm, Home.html or anything other than all lowercase index.html. Linux servers will see mixed case names as different files and it is strongly advised that you use all lowercase with a .html extension for HTML pages. Upload your HTML pages to the public_html directory. Store all of your images in the /images directory directly below public_html. If no images directory is present create one.

Do I need an FTP client?
No. CPanel provides you with a file manager that will allow you to upload your site from your computer. If you want to move a large amount of files at once an FTP client will be helpful. Use your Web address as the site name and your CPanel login credentials to access your Website. Upload to the public_html directory. If you do not have an FTP client you can download the free client Filezilla. Most FTP clients should work just fine. If you are a Macintosh user try using the Fetch client built into your OS.

Don't be afraid to look around. CPanel is chock full of goodies that can get the job done easily but at first glance it is a lot to absorb. Don't worry. It isn't rocket surgery. Your grandmother can do this but it takes time to familiarize and get to know what all the buttons do. It won't take long at all to master your Web presence and grow your Web site into a world-wide work of art. If you don't know what something does try doing a Google search or just E-mail us and we will help you learn the ropes. Your 'Welcome E-mail' will provide you with the contact information should you need us for any reason.

Congratulations! Welcome to the future!